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Theodoros Krasides is widely known in Cyprus as an experienced professional flutist both through his previous service at the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra as Flute and Piccolo player, but also his participation in numerous concerts with renowned artists both from the international and Greek music scene. He plays on a 14K Maesta flute by “Pearl Flutes“, in Japanese craftsmanship, which enjoys an enviable reputation.

Apart from this extensive career as a flutist, he is also a passionate harpist, trained in Paris, France. He plays on a prestigious Concert Grand Harp and more specifically the Élysée by “Les Harpes Camac“, in the finest French tradition and inspired by the French Empire period, with golden ornaments.

But he has also acquired quite a fame as an innovator and musical creator. He is the instigator and founding member of the Duetto Barocco (Flute and Cello), of the Duetto ArgentOro (Two Flutes) and in 2014, on his own initiative, he pioneered one more time and established the first flute choir of its kind in Cyprus: Flautissimo Limassol Flute Choir, which has already presented memorable concerts, which have received praise in local press.

Theodoros is also a talented educator, with already two decades of experience in teaching flute and music. He is currently working as a music teacher in Secondary Education and as a Flute and Chamber Music professor at the Limassol and Paphos Public Music Schools, under the Ministry of Education and Culture. Students of his have already followed and completed musical studies and are currently professional flutists.

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Theodoros Krasides was born in Limassol. Coming from a musical family, his love for music begins at a very early age. He joins music lessons at the National Conservatory of Athens (Famagusta branch in Limassol) from where he receives a flute diploma in 1993. In 1993, he also receives a diploma from the London College of Music at Thames Valley University (L.L.C.M.) in flute.

From 1990 to 1992 and during his national guard service, he is a member of the Military Philharmonic Orchestra and from 1993, and before even beginning his studies, he acts as an extra member of the Cyprus State Orchestra. In March 1991 he collaborates with the Limassol Opera House and takes part in the opera “Lucia di Lammermoor”.

In 1994 he embarks on his studies in Bulgaria at the National Academy of Music “Pancho Vladigerov” of Sofia, where he has the privilege to study with Prof. Dimiter Georgiev and Prof. Lidia Oschavkova. During the third and fourth year of his studies (1996-1998), he receives a scholarship which he wins following a competition from the Nicolas Economou Foundation. In April 1998 he takes part in the fifth musical competition for flute “Nikola Stefanov” in Sofia, where he wins the audience award, the “Young Musical Talents” award and the “Classic FM” radio station award.

His study years in Sofia are fruitful, during which he presents numerous solo recitals and participates in concerts of chamber music with various musical ensembles. He also has the opportunity to attend Baroque music seminars with the German professor Kaster Egert, and he attends the international seminar “Vertiskos” with professor Prof. Lidia Oschavkova.

He also continues to participate throughout his studies as an extra member of the Cyprus State Orchestra. In 1998 he completes his studies with the Bachelor (Hons) in Flute Performance and one year later his postgraduate studies with the Master (Hons) in Flute Performance and Chamber Music.

On his return to Cyprus and until 2004, he is employed as a permanent member of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra as second Flute and Piccolo, and many occasions as first Flute. From 2000 to 2004, he also teaches at the Music Workshop scholarship programme of the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra for new musical talents and participates as an educator in the Musical Summer Camps of the Cyprus Youth Orchestra. In 2004, he also collaborates with the “Sixe Ensemble” Orchestra from Italy.

After a decade-long career at the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra as a professional flute performer, Theodoros decides to move to another love of his: music education and inspiring new talents!

From 2004 and onwards, Theodoros is employed as a music teacher in secondary education. Ever since the institution of the public Music Schools was initiated by the Ministry of Education in 2006, he has been Professor of Flute and Chamber Music at the Limassol Music School but also the Paphos Music School. Students of his have already followed and completed flute and musical studies abroad, and become professional flutists and musicians.

Theodoros’ musical career is extensive with a vast experience in chamber music, with a significant variety of instrument combination. He has performed with various ensembles in Cyprus and abroad (eg Austria, England, France, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Lebanon, Sweden etc.). He has also collaborated with most Cypriot composers and with various artists both from the international and the Greek music scene, like Deborah Myers, Venetsanou , Thalassinos, Alkinoos Ioannidis , George Dalaras, Savvopoulos, Marios Toka, Marios Frangoulis, George Perris, Zorbala, Vassilis Leka, Garganourakis, Arvanitaki etc.

Theodoros also decided to train as a harpist, first in Sofia – Bulgaria, then in Jerusalem – Israel and ultimately, in Paris – France, with Chloé GiraudHéraud as a professor, a harpist and educator with extensive experience in the French harp technique. He has played in concerts and regularly plays the harp for weddings, receptions, dinners and other events.

But his love for music has gone beyond participating in events and concerts where his musical aptitude is called upon. Theodoros’ inspiration is abundant in creating and innovating.

Founding member of the Duetto Barocco (Flute and Cello), and the Duetto ArgentOro (Two Flutes or Flute and Harp), in 2014, on his own initiative, he establishes the first flute choir in Cyprus, Flautissimo Limassol Flute Choir. Ever since, the ensembles regularly present concerts in Cyprus, which have gained significant exposure and praise in the press.

Theodoros is “an ambassador of music”, as other musicians have called him. He is an artist with a restless soul, always on the lookout for the next inspiration, always a dreamer. So the audience can rest assured there are many more musical treasures to discover.